Ikan, Inc, dba., On Point Construction Company is founded with the customer in mind and from the customers’ point of view.

What can On Point Construction do for me ?

We provide services in all phases of Construction Fields, Remodeling, Additions, Custom Home Builds, Kitchen, Bathrooms Remodels, and Project Management Services. 

Additionally, we offer full services for an ADU builds.

Our Mission

To Provide Excellent Services, Products to Customers in all phases of Construction, Best Competitive Pricing, Quality and Professional Service, and On-time Commitment and Professional installations.

In Addition to Construction Services,  we also, have Painting Contractors Licenses, C33 to address and provide total painting service to our clients.

Our Journey, Attitude, Commitment and Services ….

What should the customer know about our pricing?

There is no set pricing for our services.  Every project is unique to the individual taste, budget and involvement.  We like to have the initial consultation or meeting with customers, and once we determine the project scope, we are very open and transparent with our pricing.  We than share it with the customers to compare with their other estimate pricing.  In almost all cases, we can beat the competition in pricing and services rendered.  We negotiate until the customer is happy and delighted.

Why should customers hire us ?

We deliver and transform customers’ expectations and dreams to reality and comfort in their new homes or offices by providing our commitments, know how, expertise and services:

-Project Construction Management

-Consulting Development

-TI Services

-Plans Architectural and Structural Engineering



-Custom Homes




What is our typical process for working with new customer?

Once the customer requests for information and initial meeting, we typically visit the customer at their sites for initial consultation and project review.  During the review we are probing and asking questions related to the project and scope of work and providing information to the customer about our services and philosophy of operation.  This gives us a chance to sell our services and likewise determine if customer is serious with the project to commence.  We feel it is a win-win for both of us to meet each other, interview one another to strike a cord and confidence to work with one another.  It is very important that we have a great relation-ship from the get go to figure out if we can work with one another.  Relation-ships and Scope of Work are very important for us to get right the first time. 

What education and/or training we have that relates to your work?

We Have:

  • General Contractor, Lic. B.
  • Painting and Decoration, Lic. C33.
  • MBA.
  • Real Estate Broker.
  • Project Management (Courses).

How we started doing this kind of work?

In 1999, after the long career in High Tech Industry particularly in Semiconductor Industry, we teamed up with other General Contractor to purchase homes for addition, remodeling and flipping projects.  Prior to this, we were always involved with the construction and landscaping work from the beginning with our personal investments and projects.  And, it was time to venture out and begin to set up companies and working in the Construction, Painting, Landscaping and Real Estate fields.

What types of customers we have worked with?

All sorts of customers from simple residential painting, remodeling to custom homes and landscaping, including in the past five years, we have included the commercial and Tenant Improvement (TI) projects for the high-tech companies in the Bay Area. 


Moreover, in the last year or so, we are busy working and building ADU’s.

Projects we are fond of. How long did it take?

Most of our projects take weeks and/or months to complete, they include remodeling, additions, ADU’s, TI and Landscaping activities.  There are many logistics and collaborations with other contractors to stay on schedule and budget.  We are fond and excited with all of our projects, to us it’s a relation-ship that we get involved with, thus, making our construction projects fun and everlasting relation-ship with our clients and customers. 

What advice would you give a customer looking to hire a Contractor in your area of work?

Customers should begin by having an idea of what they would like to do as far as their project details and should be able to determine the projects: WANTS, NEEDS and MUSTS, believe me when I tell you, pricing is deferent for each of these desires.  Likewise, you should learn and understand your project scope of work relative to the remodeling, additions, painting and landscaping projects.  And to get initial ideas, the best place to begin are with magazines, TV shows, neighbors’ projects, family and friends’ homes of recently remodeled and department stores, etc.  The more information you have for the type of work you are seeking, the easier and smoother is to get the correct pricing for your project.  And once you determine the scope of work, then it is simple to accurately come up with and determine a budget for your project.   

Moreover, I always recommend you should have another 10-15% additional funds of total project available and set a side just incase you decided for new improvements should you need to upgrade in midst of the project.  My input, You should upgrade as much as you can, its for you and it is your house and you DESERVE IT !


In all projects, I can, with strong confidence inform you that you will upgrade fixtures, add new features and increase scope of work from the initial work project.

What should customers think through before talking to professionals about their project?

  1. Understand their scope of work.
  2. Have a budget allocated, plus a wiggle room for upgrades.
  3. If project is large, possibly moving out expenses and relocation and storage fees.
  4. Project duration to meet their schedule.
  5. Have the funds available. Work will finish faster when funds are ready.
  6. Have examples of what they like to have built.
  7. Hire a General Contractor that they have a good relationship with.
  8. Customers need to have fun during the project builds, it will make it easier on both parties.

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