We provide total construction services from concept design to move-in.

Custom Homes

We work directly with Architects, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering and other professional services to get the plans designed, engineered, take to city for plan approvals, project manage construction project, interior design services and schedule a move-ins.


We take your ideas and inject our expertise, design it, engineer it, take it to city for plans approval, work diligently with city plan checkers to complete the approval process quickly and efficiently.  We then plan, manage and execute the construction phase to complete on-time with the best cost to our customers.  We provide and manage all phases of construction: demo, foundation, framing, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, insulation, drywall, roof, stucco, painting, cabinets, tiling, granite work, wood flooring, carpeting and all finishing carpentry work, casing, crown molding work and clean ups.


With extensive understanding of the building processes and material costs, we can provide pre-construction consulting services to clients at a controlled cost. A majority of the ability to control cost is in the design phase before the construction, and with this in mind, providing value engineering and design input from a contractor’s point of view can substantially lower the total cost of the project, while still providing the most professional and high quality designs.

Value engineering can be broken down into these processes: we consider labor and materials, the feasibility of the construction and provide an evaluation of alternatives. By providing accurate cost estimations and planning site logistics we provide you with sustainable goals for each project objective


We provide project management services, coordination with sub-contractors, architects, engineers,  additions, remodeling and plans, city hall building departments for permits, perform remodeling services for all phases, including but not limited to office relocations, upgrading electrical panels and services, plumbing projects, data connections, carpeting, cabinetry, bathrooms remodeling, concrete work, demolitions, door installations, carpentry work for wood and metal studs, drywall and mechanical work for new and upgrades apartments, condos and office buildings.

Landscaping & Decks

With extensive understanding and experience in the building process and materials costs, we
can provide our customers a complete design layout of the landscaping projects.

We work with landscaping Architects and Engineers to fully design and transform your landscaping projects, including building retaining walls, spas, outdoor kitchens, fireplace, gazeboes, pergolas, stone benches, planting artificial and natural grass lawns, irrigations, drainage, audio and low Voltage lighting systems. We provide varieties of hard scape work installations, designed colored cement, pavers, flagstones and tiles for sidewalks, decks and driveways.

In most cases, we incorporate and schedule the outdoor work with the construction of the building so that the progress is stream-lined and the house and landscaping works are completed at the time or before the customer is ready to moving in.


We provide all aspects of painting services for Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

Real Estate Brokerage

Our experts know all of what is involved with the acquisition and development of real estate.  We offer a personalized, confidential, creative buying or selling brokered approach for the residential real estate market to find top locations  for developments and flipping homes to our customers


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